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Hi guys! I'm Carlotta!

This is a side blog that i created for my themes, my pages, various resources, a lot of tutorials and all other stuff related to tumblr. I will also rec other themes and pages. If you have suggestion or need an help with my themes just contact me. { }

Random Image Script (adding Sidebar image directly from your computer)

Right now Lostmemento choose to go on hiatus on her personal theme blog for personal reasons that i respect, but doing that we can afford anymore to go on her tutorials. This is NOT a replace to her tutorial, i added something that might be very interesting, follow the steps and ask if you have something strange going on in your theme.

Step 1.

Find this part on the code, only this part.

<img src=”{image:Sidebar}”>

Replace it with THIS code

Step 2.

Every part with image1.gif.. image2.gif.. replace it with {image:Sidebar1}.. then {image:Sidebar2} so you will have for example


Add the EXACT number of sidebar images you want, they can be less or more then 6 :)

Step 3.

Go find this part on your theme (sometimes it can be different, just find something similar in the meta tags at the beginning of the code)

<meta name=”image:Sidebar” content=”“/>

Replace it with

<meta name=”image:Sidebar1” content=”“/>
<meta name=”image:Sidebar2” content=”“/>
<meta name=”image:Sidebar3” content=”“/>
<meta name=”image:Sidebar4” content=”“/>
<meta name=”image:Sidebar5” content=”“/>
<meta name=”image:Sidebar6” content=”“/>

This part might include the EXACT same number you choose before in Step 2.. you will replace or add or remove sidebar images in future if you want! :)

Step 4.

Save, refresh and scroll the simple customisation options until you will find the option for the sidebar images and you can add the sidebars from your computer :)

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